Adrian Buzan roulette system does not work for many angry customers. We find it loses badly and is not like he sells on his website. We do not believe he is any professional roulette player. In one article explaining how he stabbed customer they call him ARMAND ADRIAN BUZAN so maybe changed his names. He tells crazy stories to convince people he is a famous roulette player but we see no evidence of it. He stabbed a customer who said in 6 months never win with Adrian's system. Then he visit Adrian's for refund, and Adrian stabbed and nearly kill the man. It is all in the news story in romanian site they call him Armand Adrian Buzan. He uses lots other names like Viorel Buzan, Adrian Viorel Buzan so we don't for sure know his real name. Why not just give the stabbing victim customer Gabriel a refund if you are millionaire Adrian and you say on your website you have 100% customer satisfaction and no questions refund? He was unhappy like us to constantly lose with your system like said in news story.

None of us customers have got refund. He threaten to kill some of us who complained. He already make these threats in Youtube videos everyone can see and Youtube remove some of them.

Banned Adrian Buzan YouTube Accounts

Mostly Adrian advertises on Youtube. Many of his channels use copied information and videos from other websites, and many people report him for scams and misleading contents. This is why he has so many Youtube channels, with so many have been terminated. Here is a list but there are lots more.

Youtube Adrian Buzan Terminated

Adrian Buzan system software is not his own. Why is he selling other peoples software? Look at the main page and you see he is try to sell other peoples software and lie that it is his. See the videos we published to prove he is lying, and that he is stealing other peoples software to sell as his own. It is theft and fraud, and the system loses. It is not a 100% system to win every time like he says.

Do the reading about this man. More is going to be added here to warn people about our experience with him.