This is a bad losing system from ADRIAN VIOREL BUZAN. We are his angry customers and complain on many websites but Adrian threaten violence on the website administrators who then remove the complaints. The Romanian police maybe have too many scams to arrest everyone but we are still working with the police to arrest him. Do not waste your money. You do not need to buy his system to see because it is now free on many internet forums, which is also for DVD Anatomy of Roulette videos.

He Threatened Victims To Not Complain

Adrian Buzan nearly killed one customer. The whole story is in the link on the home page. When the customer was in hospital, the victim said Adrian Buzan send him a SMS phone message to threaten and warn him to never speak to the police. We hope Adrian go to jail but crime in Romania is big problem and police cannot arrest every scammer. 7 victims are helping on this website report Adrian to the police in Romania and we are working to close his Youtube channels and websites. Already we closed many of his Youtube accounts because we report him and don't want other people to lose money.

He made a video to threaten customers never to complain and said he will beat complaining customers. One victim asked for a refund because in 6 months he never make money. Adrian did not want to give a refund. This is the man Adrian stabbed nearly killing him.

There are many big lies like him saying he has 100% customer satisfaction, and saying he makes big piles of cash every time. We find this is a big lie with many other lies. Most of his customers are too afraid to complain. We are many victims for now working on telling our experiences to warn everyone.

He says the system lets you win for some time and then soon stop working. Then he says you need to pay him more money for the next system which works for longer.

We dont believe there is any way he doesn't know the system doesn't work. Even his best most expensive system is very bad losing system but he is still going to profit if he plays with your money in your account, so don't let him.

Some angry customers he ask to buy the more expensive system and for others he said he will play in their casino account online and if he wins, then takes 50% cut of wins. If he loses then you get nothing. Not even refund. If you think this is a joke then you are welcome to find out yourself. Give Adrian your money and online casino login information. If he wins then good and if he loses you pay for it. There is no way this is fair.

Already Adrians systems is shared on many forums by victims but his system is software that is not his so he illegally sells. Some links are on the home page. Tell everyone about this website and share the link everywhere.