Buzan Adrian SCAM Warning

If you find you have been scammed by Adrian Buzan, you must report it to police. The seller name Adrian sometimes spells the name backwards like Buzan Adrian.

Everyone now know Adrian has stabbed a customer who paid for his system, but could not win in 6 months he owned the system like the victim explain in news article. Buzan Adrian says he is not a scammer and the victim was attempting to threaten Adrian to reveal secrets of the system. When you see the news article the stabbing victim Gabriel says the system he paid for did not work and he wanted a refund. This is not what Adrian says then who is lying?

The system uses free software from a roulette forum called vlsroulette.com, with the member named Alarian. Buzan Adrian has lied on his websites stating this is his software, called the CHINESE SOFTWARE. Buzan Adrian does not own the software and he is illegally selling it as his own. You can see the original links in this website.

Be very careful and do proper research regarding this man. He seems to be very violent attitude with bad temper, and now we know him better we find many of his obvious lies like the software he sells is not his.

Many customers are complaining on the public forums but he threaten people never to talk. One of the youtube videos from Buzan Adrian says he beat very badly anybody who speaks badly of him. The news story about stabbing says Gabriel the victim said Adrian tried to stab in his neck. If this is true it looks more like attempt to kill him. We think everyone should be very careful with Adrian and always go to police first.

The website here is growing and we are adding more soon. Remember you don't need to buy the dvd anatomy of roulette and lose money like we did. It is free on many internet forums and some links are here.