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€5000 DVD Anatomy of Roulette

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Files included with €5000 DVD Anatomy of Roulette

GUTracker Software and Excel files download


Deleted Complaints From Victims

This file has all deleted posts from rouletteforum.cc where Buzan threatened the web admin to remove everything. He did this also to forum roulettelife.com and other pages on the internet. He also threatens victims and in one video said he will beat complainers very badly. This is why admins keep removing complaints. [Download Deleted Posts].


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5.000 Anatomy of DVD Videos

Video 1 of 8
Video 2 of 8
Video 3 of 8
Video 4 of 8
Video 5 of 8
Video 6 of 8
Video 7 of 8
Video 8 of 8