Adrian Buzan is a dangerous scammer in Romania. He sells losing roulette systems and you never get a refund. Sometimes he asks to play in your casino account with your money. He takes 50% of profit if he wins. If he loses your money, you get no refund, only excuses. If you have been scammed, do not attempt to visit this man. Go to the police. He already stabbed and tried to kill a victim who asked for a refund. He uses different names like Buzan Adrian, Armand Adrian Viorel Buzan and more. Romanian police have many more serious scams so more complaints about Adrian are needed.

Beware The Adrian Buzan Scam (Buzan Adrian)

Buzan Adrian scammer

Download the Adrian Buzan scam (Buzan Adrian) roulette systems for free [Download Page]. Share it with everyone and avoid being scammed. Files include €5000 DVD Anatomy of Roulette, Roulette Syllabus and all software. If downloads not working, ask on victims forum and someone send you working link. Adrian does not own the copyrights. He is selling other people's software as his own [proof].

How His Scam Works

Adrian advertises with many websites and Youtube videos. Usually he offers three system options:

3 scam options

With 1st and 2nd options, he says you win only a short time, then must pay him more money to keep the system working. This is a lie because the system never changes, and he does not control the casino. He says the €5000 option wins forever with no extra payments. It also loses.

When you complain, he asks to play with your money in your casino account to show you. If he wins, he demands 50% split of profits. If he loses, he makes excuses and you never get a refund for the system or your losses. His excuses are like he was tired and made a mistake, the casino changed algorithms, or the casino cheated and more. His lies continue forever.

His tactic is to extort as much money from victims as possible, then make you think you lose because you don't know some secret, or is somehow your fault. When you finally see you were scammed and demand a refund, he refuses, and threatens to kill you if you complain in public.

Adrian Buzan Stabs Customer Who Asked For Refund

Customer Adrian stabbed when he asked for refund

He stabbed and nearly killed one man who asked for refund. Then when the victim was in hospital, Adrian sent the victim an sms phone message warning him not to talk to police or he will be shot. The news story is Here is the English translation.

Part 1

The news company includes one photo from Buzan Adrian website that makes him look rich so it is easier to scam people. Adrian thinks himself to be something special but is just a gypsy scammer with a small apartment, fake piles of cash and hired photographer.

Article part 1

Part 2

Adrian lies saying he stabbed the man because he threatened Adrian to give the secret of winning roulette. It is another LIE. See here underlined with red the real reason. The victim is a CUSTOMER who already paid for the secrets. He couldn't win for 6 months and wanted a refund!

Article part 2

Part 3

Article part 3

Threats To Kill Cutomers and Website Admins To Remove Complaints

Adrian threatens to kill website admins to remove complaints about him. In videos he shows a gun, and says he will find anyone who says anything bad about him. Everyone knows he is a violent scammer who already stabbed a customer so remove complaints. He succeeded to remove many pages, so his scam survived many years.

Gun to threaten customers who complain

Adrian's gun from videos and Instagram

He also makes fraudulent DMCA complaints to web site hosts. This is to bring down any website in the USA and he doesn't need to prove anything. If the website admin does not remove complaints, then the web host will shut down the whole website, so the website owner has no choice. See about Fraudulent DMCA Requests. He wont do these to Google because they started prosecuting fraudsters. But he does them to web hosts. The web admins could give counter-notice but it wastes time and no admin wants to for just one scammer, especially when he threatens to shoot and kill them.

Here is one example where he used a fraudulent DMCA to remove complaints from, you see what the admin said. It is not the admin's fault because his web host can close the whole website, except he should never run an anti-scam site in the USA because of this. Adrian also threatened to find and hurt the admin also. He threatened violence to every web admin with complaints about him. We already know about 10 of them. So now this web admin removed the complaints too.

Web admin's response after Adrian's fraudulent DMCA notice and threats

Response from scam report website admin. Adrian makes fraudulent DMCA requests and threatens admins

We found he did this trick to almost all the scam reporting websites, to remove complaints. The webhosts know Adrian does not own the copyright to victim complaints! But it is not their position to judge. We know because we spoke to many website admins who removed our complaints. See also threats to kill another website admin to remove complaints [download deleted posts].

This website ADRIANBUZANSCAM.COM cannot easily be censored because of the hosting location. It is paid for by Adrian's victims. Anyone can put information in the victim forum. If you want to add information on these main pages, tell us in the victim forum.

Fake Money To Trick Victims

A cheap scammer trick is show fake money from movie prop websites, to convince victims Adrian's scam system works. Anyone can buy fake money money from websites like

Fake movie prop money

Here is the scammer's cheap trick to fool victims.

Scammer shows fake money

There are many websites to buy counterfeit money that looks perfectly real, including holograms, different serial numbers, watermarks and more. See

Fake money

Here is another website selling counterfeit money, with all security features, even the money is treated to look aged and used before being shipped. Source:

Buzan Adrian scammer

Here is police video explaining how to spot some fakes.

What Professionals Say About Buzan Adrian

Everyone is now noticing Buzan Adrian scam. See post in victim forum from staff in casino with some parts here. Adrian is not a professional recognized roulette player. He is a common scammer with constant lies.

Casino staff expose Buzan Adrian lies

Online Casino Deceptive Wins

Adrian publishes a few videos of wins in online casinos. He doesn't show losing games. He only shows winning games. It is very easy to fool people who don't understand his tricks. Try with test money and see often you can turn €1000 to €5000. Then share a recording of this game to convince people your system works.

An easy way to know Adrian's system is a scam is get it free from the downloads page and test. He says you can't win without his help, but it's a lie. You can see how simple his system is. You dont need anyone's help to understand it.

The Software He Sells Is Not His

The Roulette Syllabus system, software and videos are not even made or owned by Adrian. He is selling software another person made. You can see the video instructions aren't even Adrian's voice.

The €5000 DVD Anatomy of Roulette system uses simple hot number tracking with free software from forum. Adrian edits videos to hide the real name of the software, so you don't know he lies about it. He calls it the Chinese software.

Adrian's manipulated image to hide software real name

Adrian's EDITED video showing fake software name

Unedited version of real software

The REAL name and appearance of the software Adrian sells for €5000

See the forum posts from the real creator of the software at and see Adrian's LIES and fraudulent copyright claims to hide the truth in the deleted posts.

His Apartment in Romania Slums

He wants everyone to think he is a millionaire. He paid for professional photos to make him look wealthy. His address for his company is Str. Teodor Mihali Nr. 39-43, 400591 Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Put this into Google street view and we see the truth. Adrian Buzan is not a wealthy millionaire roulette player. He is not popular or an expert. He is just a scammer in a cheap apartment using fancy photos and fake piles of cash. You can just download his system and see it is a scam.

Adrian Buzan's apartment building

In his videos you only see the same room. Now we explain why. Here is another shot of his apartment inside.

Inside his apartment

Now this is full photos of another apartment in his building from A bathroom so small it has the shower in the bath tub, and washing machine. See in many of his videos the same features of these small apartments. The videos marginally hide his bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and front door so you don't know how small it is.

Photos of identical apartment from same building Inexpensive Used Car

Part of the Buzan Adrian scam is to make him appear rich. An example is his car which looks expensive but is only cheap used car. See advertisement for same model.

Real cost of his car revealed

Did You Get Scammed?

If you got scammed you must report him at Romania has so many scams the police only do something if many people complain. Do not let Adrian get away with it. Report him! Romania is one of the world countries for internet scams. Read Already we are SEVEN people complaining and more are coming. Save everything he sends you including threats, to send to police.

Report To Romania Police

How You Can Help

First report Adrian to Romanian police. Then go to the victim forum to tell your story and warn other people. If you have something we can add to pages you can let us know.

Link to this website in many different websites like forums. If you have any skills like web design, search engine optimization please let us know.

Report his Youtube videos as a scam. Already many of his channels have been terminated, but he made more.

You can contact us in the forum for victims and help make many pages as possible to tell everyone. Adrian is a very dangerous and sick scammer so do not reveal to him who you are. Remember he already tried to kill one customer and he threaten to kill anyone else who complains all the while saying he has 100% customer satisfaction.

Romania is a very bad place for internet scams and full of dangerous people you never want to do business with.

Also please help by donating cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero or Zcash) to help keep this website online. Ask us in the victim forum for an address to send.