This is a losing roulette system by Adrian Viorel Buzan from Romania (Regele Ruletei). Download it free from the Download page with fair use laws for education and proof of what we say We paid for this system and others also and none of us are winning. We find it is losing badly and complained on forums. Then Adrian made threats of violence to remove complaints. You will get system and softwares that is already free here, and it does not work. Adrian illegally sells software that is not his and lies about its origin.

The website is in Romanian. It is one of the many websites owned by Adrian Buzan. If you agree you got scammed also, do not try and get money back at his apartment. One customer already try to do this and was stabbed nearly to death. You can see the news story on this website home page.

What The Regele Ruletei System Is

The system includes videos Buzan Adrian calls DVD The Anatomy of Roulette for the we believe is big scam, and software to use the system. The Anatomy of Roulette software is not even his and he lied about who really made and owns it.

In his website videos, he hides the real name of the software. Here you can see in his video he calls it Chinese software.

Chinese software

Now here is the real software.

The real Alarian software

Adrian Buzan got this software for free at you can see the full history of programming from the forum member. Don't forget you can download this GUTracker software for free in this link or this website home page, instead of paying Adrian Buzan €5000 and later finding it doesn't win like he says.

Regele Ruletei's Fake Copyright Claims

Buzan Adrian was exposed for selling free software for €5000 so he tried to hide the proof. Then he make a copyright claim to the admin of When Adrian saw his lie was revealed, he then threaten the administrator.

The administrator say Adrian will need to send a DMCA complaint but he never did because his claim is fake.

This all means that Adrian Buzan never made the software he sells for €5000. He never paid a Chinese programmer like he says. His €5000 scam system is just other persons software he does not own rights of and his system does not work.

The DVD Anatomy of Roulette Videos

Part of Adrian Buzan training information is videos of winning. He does not show you the losing games. He says he never loses. You can see all the videos on Adrian's many websites. He blanks most of the video so you see the bankroll change but not what the system and software is.

You don't need to wonder if the system is as bad loser like we say. Download all the main videos for free on many websites now. This includes the €5000 Regele Ruletei DVD Anatomy of Roulette system.

Adrian Says Pay Him More, Or The System Will Lose

Adrian Buzan says his cheaper systems only wins a bit then stop working, then you must pay him more to keep winning. This is not like we cutomers find because the system is losing and very bad betting system. His purchase plans here.

Adrian's plans

If you ask him why and how is it the system suddenly stop working, his answer to us is only he knows the secret and you must pay him more money to help you win. Many of now did constant tests and find Adrian did not tell the truth because system is very bad and losing. There are better systems for free on roulette or gambling forums.

You don't need to risk money loss. The software he uses is not his and he illegally sells it. If the links for downloads are not working then ask people for new links.