WARNING! The Roulettehowtowin.com website is by Adrian Buzan also called Buzan Adrian. We sent this man money and got a very bad losing system that is not like he says 100% system that never loses. You can download the system for free on the Download page links also on many forums because of fair use law to educate people https://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/fair-use/what-is-fair-use/. You download including the software and DVD Anatomy of Roulette videos he sells at €5000 but is not actually his because he stole it and lies about the real software origins.

The Roulettehowtowin.com website is an English translation of the Regeleruletei.ro website in Romanian. It is one of the many websites from Adrian Buzan.

There are many complaints from Adrian's customers say they got scammed. You can find more at forums like gamblingforums.com and one is below from one of us. This was removed by Adrian Buzan threats to one website administrator.

I first came to know about the Adrian Buzan scam in his Youtube videos where he claims he has a roulette system that wins 100% of the time guaranteed. I thought it was scam but investigated and Adrian show me photos of large piles of cash. I believed it must be real because copying money is illegal. Later only more recently I find it is easy to get realistic copied counterfit cash.

I purchased and test the adrian buzan system for many spins and long time in real roulette and lose. So I complain to Adrian Buzan and he become abuse towards me. He says his website that the roulette system only work for short time and then I must buy a more expensive system to keep winning. He says roulette is manipulated and always changing so I need his help always to win. I won a small amount then lost it all. I wanted to win back this.

Then I make stupid mistake and send him more money for his best system because he says on his website that I then win forever and never need extra help. This was not true. The dvd anatomy of roulette is the €5000 system thats supposed to win 100% of time. I tested many thounsands of spins from database of past spins and the system was not working. I bet on new real spins and results much the same losses.

I complained to Adrian Buzan who then insulted me and said I make constant mistakes somehow. He said he will prove to me that the fault is mine by playing in my online casino roulette account in online casino. He said because I waste his time he will take half of profits when he win. I ask what if he lose and he said he 100% never lose. I had enough of this and see now he was trying to take even more money from me. He would not agree to refund any losses if he lose in my online casino with my money. It is win or win situation for him and risk all mine.

Later I started to complain on some websites to warn people about this because I believe it is a scam. But I find soon Adrian Buzan complain to the web administrators and threaten their lives. This mean the reviews and complaints I make are removed. This happen I find to other people later on.

I also find that one customer visited Adrian Buzan apartment in romania. The customer asked for refund and got stabbed with kitchen knife. It is in a romanian news site everything explained. If you google this you find the areticle and photos of victim

Drama "regala": Gabriel Vizitiu, "Regele reciclabilelor" înjunghiat cu un cutit de bucatarie de Armand Buzan, "Regele ruletei"!

It is at https://gazetadecluj.ro/drama-regala-gabriel-vizitiu-regele-reciclabilelor-injunghiat-cu-un-cutit-de-bucatarie-de-armand-buzan-regele-ruletei/ but you need to translate page.

Adrian also make videos on youtube threatening to beat so badly anyone who says anything bad about him. Many of his youtube channels have been removed but Adrian just make more videos.

This is a very bad business. Romania police are doing nothing yet. I have found 5 other people willing to talk about this in public but we try and stay anonymous because we are afraid of his violence like he nearly killed who was then in hospital and sent him sms phone message warning him not to talk to police.

One of other victim show me website where anyone can buy fake realistic money to scam people. This is what I think Adrian has done because he lives only in small cheap apartment by himself and very desperate to remove negative information about him and his losing systems.

I am sure I used the system properly as instructed and it just not working. I have all reasons to believe he is running a scam and should be jail. He has many different websites like these......


There are more but these are main ones and he uses mostly youtube to sell his systems. Youtube allows this to exist.